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2D 바코드리더 / 스캐너

Maple CryoScan® 2D barcode Scanner

CryoScan® 2D barcode Scanner Set
  • Made in Korea
  • Vision Camera enables Barcode Scanning Speed to be faster than any other Scanners and decreases the Possibility of Scanning Error.
  • The CryoScan® Scanner connects to PC with USB3.0 and works with CryoKeep® Sample management Software
  • * CryoScan® is a Barcode Scanner Operating with the Software CryoKeep® that makes management of samples Easier and more Effcient.
  • * Fast Scanning Speed and Compatibility with Diverse Sizes of Barcode Racks.
  • * Compact-sized CryoScan® Scanner occupies less space.
  • * USB Cable makes Connection to PC and Installation Simple.
  • * CryoScan® can read not only Datamatrix Barcode but QR Code, and is compatible with Products of Matrix, FluidX, Ziath, etc. (Some Racks might need an Additional Mask.)
  • * Easy to scan diverse sized-Racks by changing a Mask on Top of CryoScan®.
  • * Compatibility with different sizes of Racks : CryoTain® Cryogenic vial Rack(81, 100 wells), SBS Fromat 2D Barcoded Storage Tube Rack (96 wells)
Features of CryoKeep® Sample management Software
  • Made in Korea
  • The Software designed to manage Samples Efficiently with Barcodes.
  • It has only Essential Functions to use Easily, and Maple provides free Software Updatees for life
  • * User friendly Interface.
  • * Icons on the Menu Bar represent their own Functions.
  • * Cryokeep is able to scan Barcodes with optimized Scan Conditions in a second.
  • * After Scanning, an Image of each Sample's Barcode appears, so that user can leam Scan Results at a glance and correct Scan Error that might have caused.
  • * East to find the actual Storage Infomation of Racks and Samples.
  • * Scanned Samples can be stored and managed in project or Discard.
  • - Project : For Samples related to Current Projects or need Frequent Attention.
  • - Discard : For Samples that need Long-term Storage.
  • * Samples' Infomation can easily be added, modified or deleted.
  • * Easy to search Samples depending on needed infomation using Tags.
  • * Save Working Data as Excel or CSV Files, and import them into Cryokeep.

Ordering Information

Model CR-SK-1
Sensor CMOS Color Sensor
Light Source LEDs
User Interface Cryokeep
Cable USB 3.0
Operating System Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 35°C
Operating Humidity 10 ~ 90%
Storage Temperature 0 ~ 35°C
Dimensions w250 X d180 X h230mm
Power 12V DC Adaptor, AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
Cat. No. SL.Sca8001

Ziath 2D Barcode Scanner

Ziath 2D Barcode Scanner
  • 두가지 사이즈의 2D Barcode Rack 모두 MULTI-RACK SCANNER와 호환 가능
  • Setup및 사용이 간단해 쉽게 스캔 할 수 있음
  • DataPaq와 소프트웨어를 사용하여 excel, xml, json, text, image 파일로 전송 또는 저장 가능
  • Samples (혹은 Samples Quick) 소프트웨어를 사용하여 샘플들의 정보를 쉽고 간편하게 보관, 추적, 수정 및 관리가 가능
  • Type of Softwares:
    Samples Add, edit, track and maintain samples
    Export, import sample information
    Import Datapaq Scanner files
    Archive or remove samples
    Samples Quick Sample inventory-view, search, backup
    Scan, track and maintain samples
    Integrates with Datapaq 2D barcode Scanner
  • 1.2mL, 2.0mL용 / 5.0mL용 사이즈 상관없이 두개의 랙 동시 스캔 가능